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Though it may look pretty bad, Ulster County will recover. As expected, Hurricane Irene caused extensive flooding, power outages and knocked down many trees. Ulster County officials are still assessing the extent of the damage, but all it takes is a short drive around the neighborhood for the impact of Irene on some Ulster County homes to become painfully apparent. However in spite of the destruction, the general feeling is that we were prepared and have fared well. Innovations like social media rose to the occasion and assumed an important role in providing a means for communication amidst a blackout. Our area has proven to be resourceful enough to withstand what County Executive Michael Hein called, “The worst natural disaster in Ulster County’s

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Just days after a rare earthquake rattled the east coast, the Hudson Valley finds itself in the path of Hurricane Irene, which could reach our area by Sunday reports say. Though vastly different in nature and origin, Tuesday’s earthquake and Hurricane Irene follow a seeming trend of extreme weather this summer and once again highlight the importance of disaster preparedness. Local hazards like flooding and loss of power may occur should Irene decide to pay a visit, so officials are advising that Ulster County residents take measures and be prepared. It’s not often that we at Taft Street can blog about an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week! Thankfully in this age of information, the resources for monitoring such storms are numerous and easily

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A 5.9 magnitude earthquake just struck in central Virginia, rattling Washington D.C. and sending tremors as far north as Ulster County. Buildings were evacuated in Washington and New York City. Almost immediately, reports of tremors being felt in the Hudson Valley were popping up on social media and anxious texts. Earthquakes do occur on the East Coast though normally not on the scale seen on the West Coast and Pacific regions. Aside from alot of rattled nerves, as of now no injuries have been reported.

What should you do if you think you're experiencing an earthquake? As Taft Street reported in a previous blog on disaster preparedness, in the event of an earthquake the following steps should be taken: If You’re Indoors – If possible, go to the ground…
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Woodstock, New York is the little town with the big reputation! The legendary 1969 Woodstock Music Festival will be celebrating its 42nd Anniversary from Monday August, 15th through Thursday August 18th. People often think of mass crowds of muddy hippies when they hear the name Woodstock, unaware that the legendary concert sharing its namesake actually took place in Bethel a few towns over. There, over 400,000 people descended on a dairy farm, abandoning their cars and shutting down the NYS Thruway. Things would never be the same, both for the nation as a whole and the Hudson Valley region where the festival originated. Woodstock, NY has long been a haven for artists & musicians. Woodstock's main drag (which runs up Mill Hill Road and down Tinker Street

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A recent project to install a solar energy system on a rooftop in Kingston’s TechCity is a noteworthy accomplishment for a growing regional industry. The 50 Kilowatt system was manufactured and installed by Solartech Renewables; a tenant in TechCity whose solar panels are the only ones manufactured in the Northeastern United States using 100% American-made parts. The project is, “the realization of our vision for a technology center that both produces and uses green products” says TechCity Chairman Alan Ginsberg “and it’s just the beginning.” After another big tenant, Bank of America, withdrew its tax processing operation from TechCity, the facility has been looking for new tenants with fresh new ideas.                                            

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There are few greater endorsements for a community than to be featured in the New York Times. A new article published this past weekend once again shined the spotlight on Hudson Valley real estate. Repeating a theme from a 2010 article, the piece highlights the Hudson Valley’s (in particular Rosendale) appeal to Brooklyn residents, which in turn instantly bolsters our area’s street cred (i.e. “cool factor”). 


Brooklyn Stand Up


As usual Taft Street Realty has its finger on the pulse of current social trends. Citing the 2010  article, we mused in a blog if Rosendale was the “New Brooklyn”. This time around, we published our "Big Ups To Brooklyn" blog literally the day before the most recent NYTimes article.  We strive to produce high…
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