November 2011

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Like pickles? Then we've got something fun for you to do this weekend! This Sunday, November 20th brings us The Rosendale, NY International Pickle Festival, a beloved local event in the Hudson Valley Region. Initially started as a "pickle party" between friends 1998, the Rosendale, NY International Pickle Festival has grown over the past 12 years into an event that draws over 5,000 visitors from all over the world. This unique festival features all things pickle-related, from goods and souvenirs, to pickle judging and contests. Also on the agenda are various delicious foods from local vendors, and live music & dancing.

pickle1The Pickle: Around the World and Back to the Catskills

Sure it's always been a great local event in Ulster County, NY, but you can't

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Whether you are looking in "Upstate" NY, the "Catskills", or even the "Hudson Valley", the common question pops up, "Where does one area begin and another end?"  Some buyers begin with a broad search of Hudson Valley homes for sale, while others know the specific county they want to be in.  There are even times where the buyer already knows specifically which town or area they like most.  Homes for sale in Ulster County, NY have always been very desirable to buyers.  Although surrounding counties are nice, Ulster County Real Estate, in my opinion, is extra special.  In no particular order, I decided to highlight 5 really cool and very popular areas within Ulster County, NY.  Each of these hot spots in Ulster County, NY offer something of value and are

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If you're out and about running errands on a cold November morning, few things offer more comfort than a hot cup of fresh coffee and maybe a warm bagel or roll. Such were my thoughts recently as I shuffled into The Last Bite in High Falls, NY. It was an early, cold, and so far coffee-less morning, so I was in need of some quality nourishment. I'm always looking for great local spots to eat in the Hudson Valley, and I had heard good things about The Last Bite. I stepped up to the old-time storefront, with an aged hanging sign swinging in the wind, reminiscent of an era long past.

the_last_bite_1Fresh Food On Main Street High Falls, NY

As soon as I opened the door my senses perked, as I smelled the aroma of coffee brewing and eggs cooking. The small shop consisted of a

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