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How to Save $Thousands$ When Buying an Ulster County Home

Most home buyers want pretty much the same thing - a house that suits their needs, and for the lowest possible price. In fact, studies have been done on this very subject, and it was discovered that most buyers who have been able to buy their dream home far below the seller's asking price, had a number of things in common.

I'd like to say it was all in the agent's cunning negotiating skills, but it was actually due to factors that occurred long before the offer was even submitted. In the article "HOMEBUYERS: How to Save Thousands When Buying an Ulster County Home," I outline in detail, the three commonalities that contributed to purchasing a home for virtually thousands of dollars below the

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Who's Who in Ulster County?

It's tough enough moving to a new place, but just wait until you need some work done - how do you know who is reliable? Even going to a restaurant can be hit-or-miss. Viewing the yellow pages or doing an internet search will give you a list, but it's up to you to decide what's good or bad.

All of the entries in the Ulster County Directory are handpicked, either from referrals, or because I know the owners personally. Simply search by subject, such as Builders and Contractors, Mortgage Professionals, or Local Attorneys. (see illustration below)

 Ulster County Directory

Click on each to get a list of applicable businesses, including contact information.(see below) 


This list is constantly growing, if you stumble upon a great eatery, or a

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