Art? Vandalism? Or Great Publicity for Kingston, NY? - Taft Street, the NY Times, and Others Weigh In...

Posted by Dylan Taft on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 9:15am.

Red GoatHow do you feel about the red goats? Kingston, NY's homegrown controversy surrounding the mysterious red goats spray-painted on some public planters has grown into an international phenomenon. A simple search on Facebook will produce a Red Goat page with over 1,500 fans! Most recently, an article in the New York Times reignited the debate over what, if anything, the red goats represent: Art or Vandalism? Protest or Graffiti? Although we may never learn the true meaning behind the red goats, the mini-controversy and the publicity that followed once again shows that Ulster County, NY has got people talking!

The Canvas: Kingston, NY

kingstonIt started innocently enough. A stencil of a goat, painted in bright red, appeared on some public planters in Kingston, NY's stockade district. Less than 6 months later the goats have gone global, showing up in the streets of New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Canada, and Madrid. At least a half-dozen national media outlets have weighed in on the subject. But as the recent NYtimes article points out, many Kingston residents are still scratching their heads as to what all the fuss is about. Some say the red goats were a sort of visual protest against the unpopular planters, which, to many, represented a bigger debate about controversial plans to revitalize the historic stockade district. Others say the red goats are graffiti pure and simple; less of a social commentary and more the uninspired actions of some bored artists with nothing better to do. Regardless, the debate reveals a town that cares passionately about its community.

Life After Goats - Where Does Kingston, NY Real Estate Go From Here?

Taft Street LogoSome say that any publicity is good publicity, and this may hold true for the buzz surrounding Kingston's red goats. With 2 alleged suspects currently facing charges, the Kingston area goat sightings have subsided, but their effect on the community has remained. The goats managed to mobilize people, and they have gotten the community talking about the city's future. Though the debate remains about its revitalization, all agree that the allure to artists, proximity to NYC, and rich history make Kingston, NY a very special town to live in. In fact, Kingston now offers some of the most affordable housing options in all of Ulster County. Real estate in Kingston offers that country type feel coupled with some urban flavor. The ability to hop onto the NYS Thruway and be in NYC in less than 2 hours offers the best of both worlds to New Yorkers looking to make a full time move or purchase a second home in the Hudson Valley. The New York Times certainly thinks so! There are multiple NY Times articles featuring Ulster County, NY towns!

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