Cleaning Tips To Help You Sell

Posted by Dylan Taft on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 12:26pm.

The Spring / Summer season is a busy season in real estate! Anxious buyers have passed the cold winter months surfing the internet, looking at the same old pictures of the same old listings. Sellers, if they were fortunate, may have had a few showings during the winter, but most likely the activity dropped with the temperature. As the sun comes out, the real estate industry revs up. Carloads of buyers and agents prowl the area, and many new listings hit the market. If you’re a seller, you want your home to stand out among this new inventory. Here are a few seller tips that you can work into your normal cleaning to really give your house that extra sparkle in the sun! 

They Arrive: Fresh Curb Appeal

What’s that saying about 1st impressions? Your home may need a little waking up after some dreary days. Spring in Ulster County can get ugly! You will want to clear away any soggy, black, dead leaves that may have set up camp on your property. If you can't, or don't want to plant flowers, no problem! You can spend a few dollars for some colorful seasonal flowers, leave them potted, and arrange them nicely around your entryway. Lastly, a colorful new welcome mat is a simple but effective touch.   

Let There Be Light: Enhance The Sun 

Now that he’s finally decided to show himself, put the sun to use in selling your home! A bright sunny home is inviting and refreshing, a dark home feels cold and closed-in. There are easy ways to exploit the sunrays, first you must clean your windows inside and out! I guarantee that every buyer that enters your home will approach one of your windows and look outside, it’s a given. Having your windows crystal clear is an aesthetic must, but it also helps the sun creep in and warm things up! Mirrors are fantastic at reflecting sunlight. Feng Shui 101, mirrors help expand a room and conveniently bounce sunlight all over the place and brightening the space. Take the time to clean any curtains, drapes or blinds you may have. Just like windows, they should be cleared of spider webs and dust and preferably opened to maximize sunlight.  

Cool Colors, Garage Tips & Achoo! 

If you’d like to get a little creative while giving your home a mini-makeover, utilize accent colors. Think light spring colors: pastels, yellows, pinks, pale blues and lavenders. Then consider everyday accessories like pillows, throws, & towels. If you spend a little money and buy accessories in these colors you’ll be amazed at how they can brighten up your rooms! If you have a garage, buyers will undoubtedly want to take a peek, so you should spend at least a little time in there. Your garage doesn’t have to be pristine, but it shouldn’t be scary either. The garage will most likely need a little cleaning and perhaps a sweep or two to clear some spider webs. New light bulbs in the garage can really help too. You’d probably love to put some fresh flowers in a vase on your table during an open house or showing right? Actually, we advise that you be very careful with seasonal floral arrangements indoors. Although beautiful, seasonal flowers have the potential to invoke some nasty allergies among some poor folks, particularly during this time of year. So be careful or you’ll unwittingly be driving some buyers away with a case of the sneezes. If you found these tips helpful, you can like my Facebook page where I constantly post new articles and tips!  

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