E A R T H Q U A K E !!! Tremors Felt In Ulster County As Earthquake Hits D.C. Area

Posted by Dylan Taft on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 2:07pm.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake just struck in central Virginia, rattling Washington D.C. and sending tremors as far north as Ulster County. Buildings were evacuated in Washington and New York City. Almost immediately, reports of tremors being felt in the Hudson Valley were popping up on social media and anxious texts. Earthquakes do occur on the East Coast though normally not on the scale seen on the West Coast and Pacific regions. Aside from alot of rattled nerves, as of now no injuries have been reported.

What should you do if you think you're experiencing an earthquake? As Taft Street reported in a previous blog on disaster preparedness, in the event of an earthquake the following steps should be taken: If You’re Indoors – If possible, go to the ground floor. Try and move into a doorway, a corner, or against a wall. If possible, try and keep a distance from heavy appliances and furniture. If You’re Outdoors – Definitely stay outdoors! If you can, move away from any tall buildings or structures or trees. If You’re In A Car – Stop the car. Remain inside the car; they are designed to protect you. Only exit the car and/or begin moving if you are absolutely sure it is safe.    

Most importantly don't panic! The Hudson Valley Region is certainly one of the safer areas to be, having less densely populated urban areas and roadways, and free from earthquake-related threats like tsunamis. With any luck this rare occasion will be just that, a very RARE occasion! Did YOU feel the earthquake? Contact us and give us your story! As always, Taft Street will keep you posted with the latest local and national news!


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