Engaging Lectures by Everyday Experts | 2017 Season 2 Premier at the Rosendale Theatre

Posted by Dylan Taft on Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at 3:15pm.

Engaging Lectures with Everyday Experts returns for Season 2 at the Rosendale Theatre!

March 19th Trailer from Digi Ranch on Vimeo.

ELEE Season 2- “Us Plus Them”

March 19th, 2017, 4:00pm- 6:30pm

Rosendale Theatre



After a successful start to their Rosendale theatre lecture series in 2016, Eric Archer and Jesse Brown are bringing back the ‘spirit of lifelong curiosity’ and ‘the art of local inquiry’ for another season in 2017!

Engaging Lectures with Everyday Experts (or ELEE for short) highlights both experts and passionate amateurs from right here in our backyards who seek to share their knowledge on a range of subjects and topics through a series of lectures and thought-provoking panel discussions. Each month brings a new triad of ‘everyday experts’ to the Rosendale Theatre, ready to speak on a new theme, usually geared towards inspiration, creativity, conscious living, and many other community-building themes. These lectures and panel discussions create a conversation between locals and a grassroots way to provide great local education for community members.

In this super high-tech world we live in, where you can seemingly learn whatever you want to know on YouTube, events like the ELEE series seem to become rarer and rarer. In a world where most people now resort to communication in the form of text, Facebook or email, these lectures offer an alternative- a way to get back to truly connecting with and learning directly from others, uninhibited by technological communication barriers. While technology does have the power to connect us, it can only do so much without real human interaction, which explains how some people can still feel disconnected, lonely or isolated, despite ‘having the world at their fingertips.’ ELEE brings locals together, to conversate, to learn and to create a connectivity that technology cannot replace.

This theme of connectedness is just one of many that will be explored at Sunday night’s lecture.

Season 2 of the series kicks off with the theme of “Us Plus Them”, exploring how working together can improve ourselves, our minds & bodies, communities, economy and so on and so forth. Take a look at Sunday’s expert lineup to learn more about what will be discussed at the event:

Micah Blumenthal (Designer & Artist) : Social Architect | “I Manifest- Expanding the Vision of Self”

Micah Blumenthal is a designer and artist who is dedicated to sharing the need to live communally, to be able to depend on one another and connect with one another to manifest ourselves and our society into whatever it is we choose to. His concept for creating unity surrounds itself around countering the us vs. them paradigm and moving people together to create oneness and unity. As the creator of DAY 1, Blumenthal spreads these messages through different challenges and workshops ( learn even more about DAY 1 and their mission at www.day1united.com ) as well as spreading the message throughout the community as a yoga instructor at Mudita, board member of Wild Earth and the Center for Creative Education, city of Kingston Art Commissioner, and member of O+ Festival and the Kingston Farmers Market.

Denny Dillon (Improv Actress & Teacher) : Mission Improvable

Denny Dillon is a Tony-nominated stage, TV and film actress, most notably known for her roles on Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Fever and Dream On, to name but a few. Her passion for acting is paralleled with her passion for teaching the art of Improvisation and the value of this artform that develops spontaneity, listening and being aware of the moment. Without a script, set or costumes, Improve is “like cliff-diving without a net” and “leaping into the unknown with complete trust and relaxation to create something out of nothing.”

Dillon has taught all ages, ranging from young students, to professional actors and has even given master classes for University students. If after learning more about the art of improvisation during her ELEE lecture, you’d like to learn more about the classes she offers, you can get in touch with Dillon at nyden@aol.com.

Benjamin Giardullo (Business Developer): Modern Food Systems and the Future of the Local Market

Benjamin Giardullo, a Rosendale native who graduated from Rondout Valley High School, seeks to improve our local economy through food systems that would make nutritious, local food more accessible to the entire community. Giardullo has made quite an impact in the food systems field, serving as the chairman of the board of Common Ground (a Beacon based non-profit farm focused on food access, justice and educational programs) as well as being a member of the Agricultural Advisory Board for US Congressman Maloney and the Agricultural Working Group for US Senator Gillibrand. In the past few years, he has made great strides to build up the local Hudson Valley Harvest, a distribution company that services nearly 100 family farms in NY and distributes their meats, produce and dairy throughout the area.  In addition to his development and consulting work at Hudson Valley Market LLC, Giardullo is also the co-founder and CEO of BBG Ventures LLC and is in the process of developing a retail market and food and beverage manufacturing facility, right here in Kingston, NY.  The Kingston Food Exchange will be a healthy food emporium (that would house an organic grocery, small cafe and food hall, vendor space, commercial kitchen & community space for food and cooking education) located on Wall Street in Uptown Kingston, in a 35,000 square foot space that once housed Woolworth’s store. Recently approved by the city Planning Board, work here is still being done to get the Kingston Food Exchange up and running. 

In addition to these speakers above, there will also be live solo oud (lute-like string instrument) music from Matt Nobile. Tickets are $10 at the door.

If you can’t attend the lecture, or if you do and just want to be able to revisit some of the topics mentioned, the live event will be recorded and available at ELEE's website (linked below). ELEE expertly packages live session recordings (you can watch some of 2016’s lectures on their website already) that can easily be shared with others as well, no matter their location. While these lectures curate local insight and expertise on topics that affect us right here in Ulster County, the ideas and conversations surrounding these topics and themes could universally apply to many people across the globe.

For more information about ELEE and to see more details about their Spring Schedule, visit http://www.engaginglectures.com

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