Hurricane On The Hudson - Ulster County NY Braces For Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Dylan Taft on Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 1:07pm.

Hurricane Sandy Hudson Valley NYHurricane On The Hudson - Ulster County NY Braces For Hurricane Sandy

With the 1 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Irene fresh in everyone's collective memory, Ulster County NY is taking no chances in preparing for Hurricane Sandy as the storm bears down on New York State. Though it's hard to imagine that damage done by Sandy could be more extensive than that which was caused by Irene in the summer of 2011, experts say Sandy is unique for a number of reasons and could be unlike anything we've ever seen. Taft Street Realty gives a brief explanation as to why Sandy may be the scariest thing out there this Halloween, and what Ulster County NY homeowners can do to get ready for Hurricane Sandy!

Ulster County NY Emergency ReadinessThough "Frankenstorm" is certainly a catchy title for headlines, the name is more appropriate than one might realize. Much like the Frankenstein monster, Hurricane Sandy is a unique combination of elements that have morphed into an uncontrollable force. - Size - First and foremost, Sandy is a very big storm! Spanning over 1,000 miles(!) Hurricane Sandy is enormous, much bigger than Irene was. The now infamous satellite image of Hurricane Sandy approaching the east coast is the scariest thing we've seen so far this Halloween season in Ulster Count NY! - Slow Speed - Though it may sound weird to hear about how slowly a storm is moving versus how quickly it is, Hurricane Sandy is a "slow moving" system, which makes it that much worse. Instead of roaring through the Hudson Valley quickly and violently, Hurricane Sandy is expected to linger with drenching rains and high winds that could last for days. - Full Moon - To complete the Halloween metaphor, a full moon will also add to Sandy's power. On a good day, tonight's full moon could cause the tides to rise up to 20% higher than normal. Combine these high tides with a hurricane, and coastal areas (including NYC) may see record high water levels.

Taft Street Realty Ulster County NYThe good news is here in Ulster County NY we're battle tested and ready for what may lay ahead! Drawing on lessons learned from Hurricane Irene in Ulster County NY, the two biggest threats will likely be flooding, and long-term power outages. If you happen to live in a flood plain, take the necessary steps to secure your home and possessions in the (likely) event of flooding. Take flood warnings seriously - if at any point you are given the (albeit unlikely) order to evacuate due to flooding, play it safe and get going! As for the rest of us? We can probably expect to lose power, maybe for days. Flashlights, candles, drinking water, and non-refrigerated food items are just some of the supplies you should have handy in case of a power outage. Be wary of fallen trees, and do not under any circumstances attempt to move or touch downed power lines.

Hurricane Sandy is certainly scary, but here in Ulster County NY we're resourceful and prepared. Homes for sale in Ulster County NY took a beating but survived last year, and are more than ready this time around! Stay informed and be safe the next few days as the Hudson Valley braces for Hurricane Sandy!

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