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Hans 1/3/04 - 5/30/12

 What Can I Say About Hans?

Hans Posing For A Nice PortraitWhat can I say about Hans? He’s just perfect in our eyes. All the boys are, but Hans was a man’s man. Loyal, polite, and gentle, just the way any owner would want. As a father and a brother, Hans definitely was the Alpha Male; a true leader who taught me a lot. Bringing up 3 dogs wasn’t easy and thankfully I’ve had my wife and some great friends along the way to help me. Without them I’m not sure I could have done as well as we have.

A True Leader

The Taft FamilyWhen Hans was first diagnosed with cancer, we didn’t take it so well. But we were determined to give him the best last days we could. Personally, although it has only been a few weeks since we got the official bad news, I think we did a great job keeping

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