The 10 Most Popular Zip Codes in Ulster County, NY

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There are a lot of areas to love in Ulster County, NY, but over the years we’ve noticed some areas seem to be more popular than others. Many who look for a summer/vacation home here in the Hudson Valley often find themselves drawn to the Catskill Mountains or one of the farmland valleys near the Rondout or the Wallkill River.  Some are now drawn to the hip and historic city of Kingston. There’s something for everyone here in Ulster County and today we want to highlight some of the more popular zip codes to help buyers better understand the similarities and differences when house hunting.  Ulster County really has it all - pristine nature that can be enjoyed year round, beautiful mountain vistas, an abundance of outdoor activities to fit anyone’s skill level, great specialty shops, deliciously unique eateries, close knit communities and the ultimate location in terms of being a great transportation hub to get you wherever you need to go, be it NYC or elsewhere.  

That being said, each local community located in Ulster County has a distinct feel or feature that draws in different people for different reasons. Do you despise the notion of having to get in your car to go grab a gallon of milk? Perhaps the relatively more urban city center of Kingston is where you’d be happiest (of course, unless you’d rather go grab some milk from your backyard dairy farm, which isn’t uncommon around here either). Or, maybe instead, you dream of getting some peace and quiet in your own private mountain hideaway? Perhaps a more secluded area in Woodstock, Gardiner, or Accord NY may better suit you, where you can feel as if you’ve escaped general civilian reach, yet still have the modern conveniences we can’t seem to do without. Or maybe you work in Manhattan and desire to get away from the hustle of a big time city, but need to make sure your commute stays as quick and easy as possible? In that case, Ulster County’s easternmost points of Highland or New Paltz might make a great homebase, where you are only a short drive over the Mid-Hudson Bridge to hop a train down to Grand Central Station, a mere 90 minutes from the bustle of the city.

Whatever your preference or need, Ulster County has a zip code that can work for you, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect fit. We’ve created a list of 10 popular zip codes in Ulster County to give you some insight on why so many people are drawn to these popular cities, towns and hamlets. If you’re thinking of relocating to Ulster County (or maybe just moving within it) definitely check out this list of zip codes to see where you might gravitate to next!

12498 | Woodstock, NY

Even if you can’t name any towns in Ulster County, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard of this first town on our list once or twice before. Woodstock is known for its musical and artistic roots and free loving societal norms, as you may have guessed, being it’s the namesake of one of the most popular music festivals and cultural movements in our recent history (even though that famous 1969 festival happened miles away from the town of Woodstock itself- but that’s another story!). The town of Woodstock embodies those same traits and ideals, making it one of the most popular destinations in the Hudson Valley and Catskill region of upstate NY. Woodstock’s prestige and deep musical ties also tend to draw in many celebrities seeking a calming and peaceful home away from home- David Bowie was one of Woodstock’s most famous residents, before his passing earlier this year. This high demand means that homes in Woodstock can be considerably pricier than in other Ulster County towns, but Woodstock has a lot to offer for that price tag, with excellent resale value to boot. If you are seeking a quiet and calming home tucked away in a magical mountain setting that offers a lively main street and many other things to do, then there’s no better place than Woodstock. Hike Overlook Mountain (pictured above) for some stunning views and it’s only a short drive to local area ski centers for some more outdoor winter fun. The heart of the town contains some unique eateries and fantastic shops that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the free-loving 1960’s.  You can learn more about the community of Woodstock here and if living in Woodstock sounds like music to your ears, then take a peek at some of the homes currently on the market; you’ll certainly find some nice real estate eye candy in this zip code.

12401 | Kingston, NYKingston Sign.jpg

Did you know that Kingston was actually New York State’s first capital until the British burned most of it to the ground in 1777? Although no longer the capital, Kingston still holds the title of the largest ‘city’ in Ulster County (although some may debate the use of the term ‘city’ due to Kingston’s relatively small size compared to that of other major US cities). Kingston is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate world because of its compelling history, recent urban facelifts and diversity of business and cultures. The once troubled Midtown area has seen, and will continue to see, great changes, with the old T-Shirt and Lace factories on Cornell Street being renovated and converted into artist lofts that are breathing new life into a once run-down section of the city. Both Uptown and ‘Downtown’ (aka  ‘The Strand’ on the Rondout Creek) are home to an abundance of specialty shops and quaint restaurants offering every type of cuisine you could crave.  Kingston provides a good mash up of new and old and is perfect for those looking for an easy going, more urban location than what can be found in other more ‘rural’ areas of the county. Learn more about Kingston’s distinct communities here and to see Kingston’s diversified home offerings with our real estate search tool.  Real estate in this zip code is still very affordable compared to the others.  We are loving all the changes we’re seeing there!

12561 | New Paltz, NY

Mohonk.jpgIf Kingston is Ulster County's “big city,” then New Paltz is Ulster's “University,” with one of its major claims to fame being the home of the State University of New York at New Paltz. When school is in session this town is abuzz with a youthful energetic vibe that draws more than just incoming freshman to this cool small town and village. The second major attraction that draws people to New Paltz is the scenic beauty and world renowned hiking and rock climbing at Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Huge attractions could mean lots of traffic, but New Paltz is still one of the most easily accessible and convenient locations within Ulster County for travel and public transportation connections. Trailways bus stations in downtown New Paltz will take you straight to Port Authority in New York City in 90 minutes, or travel eastbound on Route 299 to be linked to other larger cities such as Poughkeepsie (while westward travel brings you up to the Shawangunk Ridge). And just as Kingston shares a strong connection to American colonial history, so too does New Paltz. In fact, historical Huguenot Street has so many seventeenth century stone houses from the original colonial settlement that it has been designated “the oldest street in America in a continuous state of habitation” and is a National Historic Landmark. If you’re looking to begin your search for real estate in the New Paltz area, let us help you on your way!

12484 | Stone Ridge, NYStone Ridge Town Sign.jpg

Off all the areas mentioned so far, Stone Ridge may not be as well known a zip code as Woodstock or New Paltz, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing for those seeking a peaceful, beautiful place to settle down and purchase a home. Stone Ridge is a small hamlet, located within the town of Marbletown. This serene countryside is filled with so many classic and iconic stone buildings, spread amongst acres of farmland, that it is easy to imagine you’ve stepped back in time to much simpler days. Main Street in Stone Ridge contains just as much ‘old world’ charm, without sacrificing any of the modern conveniences that we’ve come to rely on (you know... banks, post offices, great places to chow down, artisan shops… the works). The natural beauty of this valley being sandwiched between the Catskill Mountains and Shawangunk Mountains means that many Stone Ridge properties will give you picture perfect vistas of the mountains, without even having to leave your living room. If you were to drop a pin in the middle of a map of Ulster County, you’d most likely find yourself right in the area of Stone Ridge, so with a location that central to the rest of the county, it would be hard to find a place that was inconvenient to access from your Stone Ridge homebase. Check out all that Stone Ridge has to offer including up to the minute market listings by using our ulster county home search engine here.

12440 | High Falls, NY   

HighFallsWelcomeSign.jpgHigh Falls is another small hamlet in the Rondout Valley of Ulster County whose downtown area could be missed if you happen to blink while driving through it. Some like being in this small center of the universe and just like Stone Ridge, High Falls has a quieter vibe about it, with a small stretch of quaint shops, restaurants and museums boasting High Fall’s glory days (during the heyday of the D&H Canal which flowed through the hamlet). These days, High Falls is known more for its natural beauty and convenience to all sorts of things to do.  The picturesque Clove Valley Road will take you from High Falls up into the Gunks, on what some locals consider to be the most beautiful scenic byway in the area. High Falls is also becoming a popular antiquing and crafter’s haven - every Sunday from May to October the hamlet hosts a flea market in their town square and while it’s only been a few years running, the annual Field + Supply modern craft maker's show is gaining major notoriety among locals and nationwide (last years show, held at the Black Barn saw positive press in the New York Times and Vogue, so expect it to grow even further in coming years). If you want a more indepth look at everything that makes High Falls a hotspot, check out our recent blog highlighting the area, and when you’re done, feel free to start your High Falls real estate search here.

12477 | Saugerties, NYSaugerties Town Sign- larger.jpg

Despite having many similar characteristics of its more famous neighbors, Saugerties hasn’t fully experienced all the same notoriety and popularity, making it a relatively hidden gem within the Ulster County Real Estate market. Saugerties is seated at the northernmost boundary of Ulster County, making it a popular destination for many who visit the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Saugerties has a strong passion for preserving their maritime and river culture history, as evident by their relentless petitioning that saved the Saugerties Lighthouse and turned it into a museum, national maritime landmark and popular B&B. Fodors (the travel gurus) even recently noted a shift in Saugerties’ reputation from that of a sleepy town to a more chic destination: Main Street is comprised of many unique shops and restaurants, but on a grander and larger scale than some of it’s more rural neighbors. Sitting atop the falls in the center of town sits the lavish Diamond Mills hotel and Tavern, a popular wedding destination, and more and more people are being drawn to Saugerties in the summer for their world famous horse shows. Saugerties is also a prime location for enjoying some of the Hudson Valley’s (and neighboring counties) biggest festivals - Hunter Mountain and the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds play host to a multitude of huge festivals and are just short car rides away, and Saugerties itself is even home to the wildly popular Garlic Festival and Craft Beer Boogaloo. Saugerties also offers easy access to skiing for those winter loving souls. If the zip code of Saugerties sounds like your kind of location, get an even more detailed view of the Saugerties community and market conditions, here!

12472 | Rosendale, NY

Welcome to Rosendale.jpgWhile Woodstock and New Paltz were put on the map because of their free-spirited and accepting views, the popularity they have gained from that has turned these locations a bit touristy in parts, ‘watering-down’ and commercializing their once uncomparable vibe. Rosendale, though, still holds onto a low key sleepy town feel. The local area and residents of Rosendale have held true to their values of simple, environmentally conscious living with a no fuss attitude. Their wildly popular street festivals draw thousands, yet still make you feel like you’re a part of a small group of people who are truly connected to their surroundings - you’ll understand what I’m talking about if you’ve ever attended the Rosendale Street Festival and met ‘Uncle Willy’ (who founded the festival in the 1970’s).  The town mimics some of its resident’s eclectic and interesting minds, with specialty cafes offering lots of organic and vegan fare and a theatre that shows important documentaries and films; you won’t find all the big box office blockbusters playing here. Rosendale’s real estate situation backs up its residents ‘no nonsense’ mentality,  with average home prices normally falling within a median range of Ulster County home pricing. While it’s constantly being depicted as ‘the next hot spot’ for Brooklynites in Ulster County, Rosendale residents have yet to pay much attention - it’s just business as usual, living within their means, and being happy to do so. Rosendale is also the birthplace of one of the strongest mixes of cement, known to have been used in iconic structures like the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building.  Lots of history here in this zip code as well.  If you want to know more about what makes the Rosendale zip code a great Ulster County community, read up on the Rosendale Community page of our website!

12525 | Gardiner, NYWelcome to Gardiner Sign.jpg

Gardiner is a town in itself, but most locals seem to view Gardiner as a natural extension of New Paltz; “New Paltz Lite,” if you will. Just like New Paltz, Gardiner offers outstanding views of the Shawangunk Mountain ridge, which is why home prices in Gardiner can range from the average in Ulster County to well over a million dollars or more. For the most part, unlike it’s populous ‘older brother,’ Gardiner is known more for its abundance of farmland and wineries and because of its lower population density, a more tight knit and homey community feeling. For avid outdoor enthusiasts, Gardiner gives you outstanding access to Mohonk, Minnewaska and other outdoor havens, but with the eastern access, you’ll miss a lot of the crowds and tourists on the New Paltz side of the county. There’s an abundance of farms in the Wallkill River valley and that means there are lots of great U-pick farm stands to get all your local produce. Wright's Farm is a great pick-your-own orchard in the fall, with a large farmstand that is open year round and they even play host to the annual Gardiner Cupcake Festival! Who knows, you may even bump elbows with fellow Gardiner resident, Robert DeNiro when you visit. If you’re interested in taking a more indepth look at this quiet, country zip code, you can learn more about Gardiner and start your home search here.

12528 | Highland, NY

Highland Town Sign.jpgIf you’re seeking the ultimate in commuting convenience (specifically to New York City and Westchester locations), then look no further than the zip code of Highland NY. Perched on the most eastern point of Ulster County, just across the Hudson River from the Poughkeepsie Train Station, you can be on a Metro North train to Grand Central in virtually no time. Not to mention, Highland also has easy access to Thruway entrances at exit 18 and 17 and is a quick drive to local area airports and other popular commuter locations. Highland itself has a rich history as a river town, always serving as a transportation hub for those to the west to reach New York City and eastern ports. These days, the train tracks and roots of Highland’s history have been preserved, yet transformed into a major tourist attraction as the Walkway over the Hudson- the world’s longest pedestrian footpath over a body of water. Highland has maintained its ‘small town’ feel over the years, and has a very similar feel to that of New Paltz’s eastern outskirts (Highland was settled as an overflow of those wishing to be close to New Paltz). Main Street contains popular local bars, such as Sal’s Place and quaint Italian eateries and the new Underground Coffee and Ales is bringing many young professionals back to this small hamlet for a relaxed night out with friends. Learn more about Highland’s history in our recent blog post and get more details into Highland’s current real estate market here.

12491 |  Hurley, NYHurley Sign.jpg

Hurley was, and still is, an escape for the ‘city’ living in neighboring Kingston. Seems a bit funny now, based on our current standards of city living, but back in the 1600’s when Hurley was settled by Dutch, Norwegian, German and French settlers, it was to be the rural commercial center where they could grow all the grains and crops necessary to feed thriving Kingston. The abundance of original stone buildings and older architecture in its natural settings has history buffs running to Hurley, still pleased with the convenience of location and proximity to our modern 21st century amenities. These days, Hurley is still a popular location to settle if you want the conveniences of living in Ulster County’s largest city, without sacrificing country privacy. The small area of Main Street is comprised of the basics, a fire department, town hall, library and also the Hurley Mountain Inn, a popular restaurant and pub. But that’s just “Old Hurley”.  The other more mountainous part of Hurley, known locally as West Hurley, is the more wooded and rural part of the town that is close to Woodstock. It’s also home to part of the Ashokan Reservoir where you’ll find jaw dropping views of the water and Catskills along with great places to walk and bike. If you want to learn more about the town of Hurley’s history and its real estate market, check out the Hurley Community page of our website and get a better sense of what this zip code has to offer.  

*Honorable Mention*

12404 | Accord, NY

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning one more area of Ulster County that, despite it’s small size, deserves a second look. It may have just barely missed the cut of being included in our top 10 most popular zip codes, but that’s really only because Accord is such a hidden gem, most people aren’t even too aware of it’s existence. Accord (pronounced ACK-cord) sits tucked away under the western side of the Shawangunk Mountains. Its popular neighbor over the mountain, New Paltz, generally receives all the notoriety and ‘fame’ associated with Mohonk and Minnewaska, but Accord has just as much convenient access to all the outdoor activities, hiking and rock climbing that New Paltz and Gardiner do, but just in a more private and rural way. There are home ownership perks that come along with owning property in Accord as well- neighboring hot spots on our list of Stone Ridge and High Falls contain much of the same feel as Accord yet because most of the the hamlet of Accord is located in the Town of Rochester (as opposed to being located in the town of Marbletown like Stone Ridge and High Falls), property taxes are generally much lower so you can have your cake and eat it too! Take a minute to peruse the beautiful Accord and learn more about the community, here.  


So there you have it, our list of 10 popular Ulster County real estate zip codes for 2016! Did your favorite community make the cut? Are you interested in learning more about these and other Ulster County communities? Check out the Communities page on our website to get more insight on these areas and to start your real estate search like a pro!

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