The Ulster County NY Lifestyle

Posted by Dylan Taft on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 10:43am.

Ulster County NY LifestyleUlster County NY is one of those places where people come to visit and never leave. As a realtor I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, "Well I came to visit, and I liked it so much I decided to buy a home here." What is it about Ulster County that draws people? There are the obvious answers like the breathtaking environment, or its proximity to that other well-known town, New York City. However, as any resident can tell you, there’s a certain lifestyle that comes with having a home in Ulster County. A lifestyle that is as a sort of mash-up between a rugged co-existence with one’s natural surroundings, and a welcoming sense of community with a love of diversity and culture. This lifestyle helps make Ulster County NY home to some of the best places to live in the Hudson Valley!

Shawangunk NY Mountain RangeThe Ulster County NY lifestyle has and always will revolve around the land. In every resident lies an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. This appreciation is strengthened by a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect this amazing environment. Lifelong residents of Ulster County have been raised in the wild, in families where hunting and farming is a way of life. This long and rich co-existence with the natural environment has helped the locals evolve into faithful keepers of the land, intent on preserving the beauty they were raised in for future generations. Urban transplants and non-native residents also play a big role in Ulster County’s relationship with Mother Nature. Many buyers looking at homes for sale in Ulster County NY do so specifically because of the amazing environment. Newer residents have brought with them a refreshing wave of environmental activism, with a dedication and zeal that compliments the preservation efforts of their longer established peers. A love of the land is a pillar to life in Ulster County, no matter your background or when you moved here.

Kingston NY Waterfront & Real EstateAnother characteristic which seems to be pleasantly unique to Ulster County NY is an appreciation of diversity and a love of culture and the arts. For example the town of Rosendale NY has recently received national press coverage and has starred as the backdrop for a 2010 feature film, but as any life-long Ulster County resident can tell you, Rosendale has always been a cool little town, boasting quirky but fun activities like the (world-renowned) Rosendale NY International Pickle Festival. It’s not just Rosendale however. One can travel to any town in Ulster County and find a local art gallery and/or museum. Kingston has a number of art galleries both in the Historic Uptown District and the trendier Kingston NY waterfront – not to mention history galore! Fashion boutiques have been sprouting up in the town of Saugerties NY, New Paltz NY is a haven for nature lovers, Woodstock NY with too many cultural attractions to list. The list goes on and on…If you’re looking for a little culture or some amazing local artwork Ulster County doesn’t disappoint!

Taft Street Realty Ulster County NYThe Ulster County NY lifestyle doesn’t end there. In fact we’ll continue to expand on this idea and highlight many different aspects of the Ulster County Lifestyle in future blog posts. We also encourage our readers to contact Taft Street Realty to submit ideas about what you think makes up the Ulster County Lifestyle!

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