Guide to Selling a Home that Failed to Sell

It is every seller's worst nightmare - being stuck with a property that has failed to sell. Taking it off the market can be a crushing blow if you were desperate to move for any given reason but it need not be. In fact, the reason why it failed to sell could be absolutely nothing to do with the property itself. As such, before you put your home up for sale once again, you should assess it objectively via the following four criteria to see where you are going wrong:

Teamwork - Make sure that you have a good team on your side when it comes to selling you home, each element of which has a specific job and contributes equally to the process. This includes having a strong relationship with your realtor, who should provide you with feedback from individual agents as and when they show your home. If your last realtor did not do this and did not give you the consideration you need then it may be time to get a new one.

Pricing - Pricing is incredibly important because your home needs to be up for sale for the right price. Market conditions, the condition of your home and the number of properties available in the same area should all be taken into account. The reason for this is because setting your price too high is just as detrimental to selling your home as setting it too low is. It is likely to put buyers off. As such, you should set a realistic price based on a market analysis of homes that have recently sold in your area. How long did it take them to sell at certain prices? Why did other houses not sell? It may not be a matter of what your home is worth but instead may be what a buyer is prepared to pay.

Condition - Make sure that your home is in the best condition possible to attract buyers. That includes curb appeal and interior aesthetic appeal. Every buyer makes an emotive decision at first glance so make sure it is a positive one. Fix up any cracks, clean it obsessively, brighten up the rooms with a lick of paint and natural light, make sure it is tidy from the outside and finally ensure that it smells as good as it looks. Your home has to appear to be an ideal space for potential buyers to live in so taking care of such elements will pay dividends.

Marketing - Marketing your home is an absolute must today because the likelihood is that it will not sell itself. Interview agents that you my use to test their marketing knowledge regarding use of the Internet and local media. Failing to market on the Internet and failing to make the best use of their resources will ensure that your home struggles to sell again so make the most of the most competitive medium out there. Marketing should be a top priority because it gets your home out there and in the conscious of buyers that may be interested. If your home is out there then it is far more likely to sell.

Committing to assessing your home under these terms and putting the area that is at fault wrong can seriously give your chances of selling it this time around a huge boost. You will be surprised at just how effective a few changes can be.

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