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Taft Street Realty was designed with a new kind of client in mind—the market-savvy client who knows how dramatically the real estate landscape has changed over the last 5 to 10 years. What used to work so well, both for buyers and sellers, is no longer sufficient. Brokers no longer are the ones who find properties they hope will please clients and then, if all goes well, mediate an agreement.

Today, the Internet has become the number one source for real estate information, and the resulting pressure on brokers is immense. Buyers and sellers with access to the technology, and who have the time, can find virtually all the information they need to buy or sell without having to meet or even consult with a single agent. The bricks-and-mortar brokerage, and the people behind the desks there, are no longer perceived as the primary source of real estate information.

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This phenomenon is by no means limited to real estate, of course. Marketing to all sorts of consumers has slowly but surely shifted from traditional print and broadcast advertising to a more dynamic and complex form online. But when it comes to real estate, one thing has not changed: People still want someone they can trust to help them when the time is right. No web page can replace the personal guidance and local knowledge that a real estate agent with a lifetime of experience in the area can offer.

Taft Street Realty was started because we understand that specialized knowledge, value-rich benefits, and trust, are key ingredients to the broker/client relationship, ingredients the web cannot offer and the ones that more than anything else help make a market-savvy client's final decision a satisfying and happy one.

At Taft Street Realty, we are young enough to instinctively understand how today's technology has altered the real estate sales landscape, and yet seasoned enough to combine those changes with something old-fashioned—a lifetime of local knowledge—to offer a new, enriched, and far more efficient experience to buyers and sellers. We understand the new web/broker balance, and can put it right to work for our clients. We know that's what's expected of us. From experience, we've found that clients today know that simply finding a house can be done with a mere mouse click. Consequently they expect a high level of ongoing value from a brokerage's services that far exceeds the price they are paying. And the level of service can't be just “good.” It must soar far above expectations.  Meet our team of trusted agents here to help you navigate the market and accomplish your goals.

Individualized Solutions...

We believe that individualized solutions are paramount, and can be achieved only with clear communication from professionals with an intimate knowledge of real estate in Ulster County.

Taft Street Realty is a leading edge company in the local Upstate NY marketplace. We introduced our services in 2008, and so from the very first day we understood the new ways in which our clients wanted us to help them and what they expected from us. And the market here in Ulster County has taken notice. Unique and multifaceted, just like today's market; Taft Street Realty understands the process, the product, and the people that make up real estate here in the Mid Hudson Valley. We look forward to proving it to you.

Taft Street Realty is committed to providing the personal attention one truly desires when purchasing or selling a home. Get in touch with an agent from Taft Street Realty at 845-687-9292, or email us for a quick written response.

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