Ulster County Communities

The Ulster County community forms a collage of hamlets and small towns, each with their own unique style. What they lack in size, they more than make up with charming friendly folk and breathtaking landscapes. This is about as far from the hustle and bustle that you'll find – where large shopping malls are replaced by quaint downtowns and local farmers' markets. Take a look and see what Ulster County real estate has to offer.

Accord Real Estate

The hamlet of Accord is a rarity: A bona fide, well-kept secret. That catch phrase, I find, is badly overused in the real estate profession, but Accord deserves it – and not just because it's one of my personal favorites, either...(read more, and view Accord real estate listings)

Cragsmoor Real Estate

Owning real estate in Cragsmoor allows residents to look down on the residents of Ellenville. They have to. They live at an elevation of 1,800 feet, perched high atop the same ridge of Shawangunk Mountains that tower majestically over Ellenville down below...(read more and view Cragsmoor real estate listings)

Ellenville Real Estate

Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in the scenic Hudson Valley, lies the Village of Ellenville, NY. Residents of Ellenville enjoy a quiet village lifestyle with modern amenities, but when the big city calls, New York or Albany is only a 2 hour drive...(read more, and view Ellenville real estate listings)

Gardiner Real Estate

On Gardiner's web site, the 45-square-mile Town modestly describes itself as "a minor civil division located in southern Ulster County." But I prefer to think of Gardiner as "New Paltz Lite." Both New Paltz and Gardiner offer postcard views of the Shawangunk Mountains from the towns' vantage points along the mountains' eastern flank; both are convenient to highways and to bus and train depots; both include much agricultural acreage with a kind of "living in farmland" feeling; and both mix centuries-old structures with homes and businesses completed  just yesterday...(read more, and view Gardiner real estate listings)

High Falls Real Estate

Nicknamed "The Center of the Universe," surely by someone with a well-developed sense of irony, High Falls is anything but. This highly picturesque hamlet is centered on a small, quaint, and compact tourist-friendly “downtown” that looks very much like the little villages in department store holiday windows. If you’re just passing through, it all needs to be savored quickly; you can drive from one end to the other in a few minutes...(read more, and view High Falls real estate  listings)

Highland Real Estate

The little hamlet of Highland (population barely over 5,000; area barely over 5 square miles) manages to balance some of the historic charm of rural Ulster with the commuting convenience of a bedroom community and the lure and lore of a classic old-time commercial river town...(read more, and view Highland real estate listings)

Hurley Real Estate

There’s nothing mysterious about why the Town of Hurley feels like a page out of history. It is a page out of history. Originally settled on the banks of the Esopus Creek in 1662 by a sturdy band of Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, and Belgian farmers who intended to produce grain for the nearby business hub of Kingston, Hurley—sometimes referred to as Old Hurley—has had many “lives:” agricultural hub, stone quarry, stone milling center, and now, a quiet yet convenient place to put down residential roots, rich in the architecture of the past...(read more, and view Hurley real estate listings)

Kerhonkson Real Estate

Kerhonkson, the origin of whose distinctive name is probably lost in the mists of Indian history, has a character all its own. Rural, even by the relatively rural standards of Ulster County, it offers an abundance of mountain views, lots of hunting and fishing opportunities, and privacy. In fact, it's hard to get any closer to nature than you can here. If you're familiar with the unpretentious, live-and-let-live, individualistic spirit of a place like rural Maine, you already know a little about Kerhonkson...(read more, and view Kerhonkson real estate listings)

Kingston Real Estate

Kingston, perched on the Hudson River’s west bank about 90 miles north of New York City, is a little hard to characterize. About the only thing everyone seems able to agree on is that Kingston is Ulster County’s largest city--and at a fairly modest population of not much over 23,000, even “city” is something of a stretch...(read more, and view Kingston real estate listings)

New Paltz Real Estate

If you have ever lived in, visited, or just driven slowly through, a typical college town, the youthful, brainy buzz of New Paltz will seem familiar. If New Paltz seems especially youthful – if there sometimes seem to be as many students as residents making “downtown” hum during the school year – that's because there are...(read more, and view New Paltz real estate listings)

Olive Real Estate

With just over 4,000 people, Olive is actually one of the more populous towns in the Park, due in part to its ready access to the New York State Thruway, as well as the ease of reaching bustling communities like Woodstock and Kingston which will cost you no more than 25 or 30 minutes from most Olive locations. But that's it for bustle...(read more, and view Olive real estate listings)

Rosendale Real Estate

On fine days, there's likely to be a lot of laundry drying on outdoor clotheslines in the little Town of Rosendale. And it's not because the power has gone out, or the residents can't afford clothes dryers...(read more, and view Rosendale real estate listings)

Saugerties Real Estate

If Saugerties hadn't already existed, Norman Rockwell might have been tempted to invent it. That's because the Village of Saugerties, and the larger Town of Saugerties in which it's located – both as far north as you can go and still be in Ulster County – have managed the tricky challenge of staunchly holding back the clock while keeping up with the times...(read more, and view Saugerties real estate listings)

Stone Ridge Real Estate

Located within the Town of Marbletown, the historic hamlet of Stone Ridge is widely regarded as one of the most desirable locales in Ulster County. And it's easy to see why...(read more, and view Stone Ridge real estate listings)

Woodstock Real Estate

Woodstock is the little town with the big reputation. Even people who have never heard of a county called Ulster know about the radically cultural little community of 7,000 or so within the county’s borders...(read more, and view Woodstock real estate listings)

If at any time you have questions about the various communities or real estate in the Ulster County area, please don’t hesitate to contact Dylan Taft, Principal Broker/Owner, Taft Street Realty, Inc. - 845.687.9292 office or 845.380.3394 mobile.

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