Hudson Valley Homes

The Hudson Valley is most famous for its natural beauty and its rich heritage. Hudson Valley homes for sale consist of a wide variety of country-style properties that appeal to a diverse range of home buyers. There are many reasons why the ten counties that border the mighty Hudson River attract tens of thousands of visitors each and every year. Simply put, it is one of the oldest and most scenic counties in the entire New York state.

The area is one of serene and rugged mountains, endless numbers of bubbling brooks and gurgling streams along with mighty waterfalls that crisscross much of the terrain. It is no wonder that the Hudson Valley MLS has an inventory of some of the most diverse homes in America and is your place to find the most beautiful countryside property in the entire state. Everywhere you turn there is beauty and the area has huge blocks of land that the State of New York has set aside to remain as wilderness forever in order to retain that beauty. This ensures that many people for generations to come will be able to experience the same tranquility that you see there today. Read more

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A History of Hudson Valley Homes for Sale

It was once known as the residential community for the wealthy and the rich. People like Franklin Roosevelt once laid claim to property in the Hudson Valley area. Today, it is the perfect blend of luxury estates and affordable housing.

During later periods a small crowd of people began to relocate from New York and its adjacent suburbs to the Hudson Valley area. They came here for Hudson Valley homes because they were growing weary of the congestion and dense population of the city. They wanted and needed a place to unwind among beautiful natural surroundings. The craze for relocation to the Hudson Valley increased the demand for Hudson Valley real estate, and that of course resulted in a significant rise in property values in the area.

In the beginning all of the Hudson Valley homes for sale were of the residential variety with no commercial buildings in site. However, due to the mass relocation of the middle and upper middle class society, as the Hudson Valley began to take shape commercial complexes began to pop up due to the need of services and stores in the area. There were however some major protests against the cosmopolitan type businesses coming into the area and the resulted in the area retaining its serene beauty. The ever so popular Ulster County real estate market was born!

Essentially, the real estate market in Hudson Valley began rolling.

Get to Know Hudson Valley

When you are choosing the location of your Hudson Valley home, some of the considerations you will want to think about are the type of setting or the activities that are available in the area. This one thing can be almost as important as the price you want to pay when it comes to shopping for Hudson Valley real estate.

The Ulster County real estate market boasts small family farms that include sprawling apple orchards and roadside stands from which they sell produce during the season. If you like to go skiing, then you are going to want to consider buying a house in northern Ulster County which is set among the Catskill Mountains. The area is conveniently situated near the Belleayre Ski Center. On the other hand, if being around the water is what you like, then you are going to want your home to be closer to Kingston New York, which is set on the connection between the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River or High Falls, built along the canal and very famous for antiquing, great restaurants and fabulous specialty shops.

Other areas of interest while shopping for Hudson Valley homes includes the Hudson Valley Wine Country, where you'll find numerous tasting rooms in which you can have a seat and meet with the owners while sampling their award winning wine selection. The world renowned Culinary Institute of America can be found in the heart of the valley and has trained some of the greatest chefs in the nation, many graduates of which have stayed close to home. They have brought sophistication and creativity to a surprising range of unpretentious restaurants, bistros and cafés throughout the entire valley.

Make Hudson Valley Your Home

Both banks of the Hudson River provide a diverse culture, history, shopping and dining topped off by the friendliest neighbors you will ever want to meet. There is little doubt that you will want to make use of Hudson Valley MLS to find your next place to call home. You will want to be sure to come and discover the warmth, welcoming spirit and gracious way of life that could all be yours... a way of life thought to have left with days gone by.

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