Taft Street Realty's Statement of Standardized Operating Procedures in Compliance with NYS Real Property Law:

We will continue to fully service all existing and prospective home buyers in compliance with all NYS Fair Housing and Anti-discrimination Laws. None of our agents shall require any of the following prior to servicing a client or customer:

(i) Prospective clients or customers will not be required to show any identification prior to receiving property listing information or scheduling home viewings;

(ii) Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreements are not required. Our agents will ask prospective buyer customers if they have signed an exclusive agreement with another brokerage. Our agents reserve the right to pause service to prospective buyer customers if it is determined that they have executed any exclusive agreements with another brokerage until said agreement is terminated. Any recommendation for buyer customers to sign an exclusive representation with us is not a requirement to receive property listing information, to schedule or be shown available property listings; and

(iii) Pre-approval or pre-qualification letters for mortgage financing are not required to receive property listing information, to schedule or be shown available property listings, or to make any offer to purchase property. Our agents may advise and encourage prospective buyer customers to obtain a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter from a lending institution in an effort to strengthen any offer to purchase or to comply with a Seller's requirement to provide one. Any advice from our agents to obtain such is purely an effort to represent the best interests of our clients. However, our agents will present all offers from a buyer regardless if that buyer has provided a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter or if the Seller tries to impose such a requirement. NYS Real Property Law requires all offers be presented regardless of such requirements.