Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and Easily

There can be little doubt that investing in property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Selling it when you are ready is another one because if often needs emotional detachment as well as distinct knowledge of exactly how you should go about selling it. Understanding how to sell your home is not easy at all but it is something you need to do in order to be able to move on, erase stress from the process and make the best price possible on your home. There are 27 tips that provide you with an excellent place to start so check them out today.

  1. Understand Your Motivation - Why are you selling your home? The answer to this question should be the first thing you do because it dictates the strategy you employ, including how much time, effort and money you put into selling it.
  2. Limit Disclosure of Your Reasons - When you know your reasons for selling, do not disclose them. It is not related to the next owner of your property so just state that your needs have changed when asked. This is so that you do not have a disadvantage during negotiations.
  3. Check Out Local Prices - Although you may want to increase your property price as far as possible, do your homework in the local area to find out what other properties are selling for and make sure that you offer market value.
  4. Check Out the Competition - If you know what other homes are for sale in your area then you can make sure that yours is in a better condition and appeals more to buyers than those around you.
  5. Get an Appraisal - A good appraisal can help you to sell your home effectively because it can tell buyers that your home can definitely be financed.
  6. Choose A Good Agent - Choosing a good realtor is essential so be sure to speak to a range of companies and agents and get quotes off them all so you can choose those that are best for you.
  7. Leave Negotiating Room - Although you should not set your asking price too high, neither should you set it so low that you are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to negotiations. A little room on the price is ideal.
  8. Think Curb Appeal - Play on peoples' emotions and look to evoke a response from them rather than using logic. If the home looks attractive then you are far more likely to get offers.
  9. Use Other People - Asking opinions of friends and family can help you to get your home ready for potential buyers. Getting a second opinion is always an excellent idea.
  10. Clean and Mend - Cleaning and fixing any and all areas of your home is a must if you want buyers to be impressed. Make sure even the slightest inadequacy is taken care of.
  11. Make it a Home - Your buyers should be able to picture themselves in your property so make sure they can by decorating it is neutral colors and adding personal touches for warmth.
  12. Choose Fragrance Not Odor - Get rid of nasty smells that could put buyers off and choose natural smells such as flowers instead for appeal.
  13. Disclose, Disclose, Disclose - Disclose absolutely everything to your buyer so he or she cannot hold you liable further down the road.
  14. Entertain Buyers - Make the most of all offers that you get and keep as many prospects as you can because that way your home is far more likely to sell.
  15. Remain Detached - Do not get emotional or personal during negotiations because it puts you at a disadvantage. If you remain objective then you can avoid such concessions.
  16. Learn About Your Buyer - Why is your buyer looking for a home? Finding this out can give you an advantage in the buying process because it will help you to negotiate more effectively.
  17. Affordability - Can your buyer afford your home? Make sure that you are aware of their maximum mortgage as far as possible to ensure that they can cover market value.
  18. Bear Deadlines in Mind - If you can find out when and why buyers need to close then you can negotiate accordingly, thus giving you another advantage in the process.
  19. Sell First - Always sell first when you are looking for a new home because buying first could leave you with two lots of mortgage payments to cover and could leave you desperate and willing to accept a lower price.
  20. Avoid Setting Deadlines - As much as you need to be aware of your buyer's deadlines, you should not set any yourself if you can help it. You put pressure on yourself to accept unreasonable offers.
  21. Do Not Get Personal - Whatever you do, do not get personal when offers are made. Make sure that all offers are not causes of any offence. People are trying to look after their interests so simply respond accordingly to protect yours.
  22. Use Low Offers to Your Advantage - Use any low offers you get to make sure that you can begin negotiations. Whether you perceive an offer as low or not, use it as a starting point.
  23. Check Buyer Qualifications - Try to pre-qualify buyers so that you know they can make serious offers. This will save you time and energy at a later date.
  24. Complete the Contract - Make sure that every single term, condition and cost is outlined in the contract that both parties are to sign. This is to make sure that you are fully protected in the process and that you know exactly what you are doing throughout.
  25. Stick to the Contract - Now you have the contract with all terms and conditions outlined in it, stick to it. Avoiding deviation will protect your sale as far as possible.

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