Property taxes and the effect they have on the real estate market.

If you are a Hudson Valley homeowner, you may already be aware that the beginning of May holds importance when it comes to making sure your property taxes are being accurately calculated. In Ulster County, May 1st marks the general, official date in which tentative property assessment rolls are released to the public, showing your property’s most current assessment value and the value upon which your property taxes are to be based on. An inflated assessment could lead to an overpayment in taxes, something no homeowner wants to face. The good news is, when these tentative assessments are released, they aren’t set in stone, and if you think your assessment is too high, there is something you can do about it that could help to significantly lower your…

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Ulster County Property Tax Info | How Not Knowing the True Numbers Can Hurt You

Ulster County Property Tax InfoNot too long ago, property taxes were not a major concern when looking at Ulster County homes for sale. Property taxes rarely, if ever, got in the way of a sale when it came time to close. My how the times have changed! These days knowing the exact property taxes on a home for sale is a MUST. Otherwise buyers may be in for a big and possibly very costly surprise. With the date for tax grievances quickly approaching, we here at Taft Street Realty thought it would be a good time to talk about property taxes and how to obtain accurate tax information from your local municipality. In some cases if a buyer thinks the taxes are too high they may be able to get permission from the…

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5 Important Things Affecting Ulster County Home Values

Ulster County home valuesSome of the most important things affecting Ulster County home values are associated with the location, neighborhood, and town that the property is in. In our earlier articles, Taft Street Realty discussed some of the do's and don'ts of Ulster County real estate and some signs to look for when you're viewing a home. This post covers the importance of doing your homework and researching the area that surrounds your potential dream home. Things like the taxes, neighborhood, and landscape can all have an impact on the value of the home.

Property Taxes

Back in the days, taxes never seemed to be a concern; and they certainly never got in the way of the sale when it was time to close. But today,…

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NYS Property TaxAll homeowners should know how to file a tax grievance because with a market turn like we've just experienced it's important to know if/when you are being over-assessed. If you think you might be paying too much in property taxes, a grievance can be filed and your case reviewed by a local municipality. A successful grievance can lower your property taxes and is not as complicated as you may think. But there is a deadline; so without further ado here's a quick reference guide from Taft Street Realty on how, when, (and why!) to file a tax grievance.

When To File A Grievance  

Ulster County Property taxes are based on the value of your home. Your local assessor determines the market value of your home on behalf of the municipal government; and does so in a…

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Supporters of energy efficiency in homes and businesses claim that upgrading to energy efficient appliances, insulation, lighting, windows and other components will save Americans billions in the long run. Yet skeptics and adherents alike are wondering: how do we afford these upgrades?

The upfront expense of upgrading to more energy efficient products can be a huge obstacle for many Americans. While low-cost items such as energy efficient lights are accessible additions to many homes, big-ticket items like energy efficient air conditioners or high value insulation installations leave many homeowners wondering how to finance such large investments. The good news is that there are a number of different agencies, organizations and companies creating…

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The Answer Depends On Who You Ask

The Rondout Valley Central School District is facing some tough decisions in the face of a dismal school budget. The district hopes to cut costs by consolidating and reorganizing its schools and has made public its decision to close one of its three elementary schools. Superintendant Rosario Agostaro said that he and his team considered different options for reconfiguring the district and found that closing one elementary school was, “The model we found to be the least disruptive academically.” With the decision final and a school closing imminent, there remains the question of which of the three elementary schools (Rosendale, Marbletown, or Kerhonkson) will close its doors.

I’ve noticed how locally this issue has…

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New York State has the dubious distinction of having the highest property taxes in the nation. Not just by a little either, according to a recent New York State study, our property taxes were a whopping 79% higher than the national average. Not surprisingly, this reputation as the most-taxed state of the union has had devastating effects on an already struggling New York housing market. It is a triple threat, hurting prospective buyers who may want to move to New York, lifelong residents who simply can’t afford to live here anymore, and businesses that also bear the burden of astronomical property taxes and receive few if any of the meager tax benefits being offered.

New York No Longer a Blue Collar State

People from all over the world are drawn to New…

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