Hurricane Irene: 1 Year Later - Ulster County NY Real Estate Update

Posted by Dylan Taft on Friday, August 24th, 2012 at 9:27am.

Hurricane Irene: 1 Year Later - Ulster County NY Real Estate UpdateIt's hard to believe that a year has passed since Hurricane Irene roared through the Hudson Valley. Now, one year after Hurricane Irene, real estate in Ulster County NY is still recovering in some areas. Controversy has swirled about certain clean-up efforts, like releasing water from the Ashokan Reservoir. But Hurricane Irene couldn't break the resilience of homeowners in Ulster County NY. If anything she brought Hudson Valley communities together as neighbor helped neighbor. 1 year later, the Hudson Valley has been enjoying a relatively decent harvest in spite of a nationwide drought. Ulster County NY farmers markets have been bustling this year, but few can forget what happened just a year ago, when the Hudson Valley experienced the worst storm in 500 years!

Hurricane Irene: 1 Year Later - Ulster County NY Real Estate UpdateAfter Hurricane Irene, major flooding in Ulster County NY proved to be the biggest challenge the area would face. Whole crops were destroyed as the local creeks, rivers, and streams crested well above their flood stages and washed away fields. Controversy soon followed, as turbid water released from the Ashokan Reservoir damaged Ulster County NY watersheds. In a rush to clean up New York City's drinking water supply (the Ashokan), dirty water known as "turbid water" was released from the reservoir into the already-overwhelmed Esopus NY Creek. Homeowners along the Esopus suffered major home damage as their wells, basements, and homes flooded from the ground up.

Taft Street Realty Ulster County NYWhat a difference a year makes! As always, residents of Ulster County NY have proven that they can handle anything. Despite Ulster being named one of the top 3 worst-hit counties in New York State by Governor Andrew Cuomo following Hurricane Irene, local communities banded together and rebuilt very quickly. Now in 2012, as the rest of the country is battling drought, the season has been a rather good one for local crops like sweet corn the Hudson Valley. Farmers Markets in Ulster County NY have been full of fresh, delicious produce for all to enjoy. 1 year after Hurricane Irene and Ulster County NY real estate is back, better, and more prepared than ever!

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