Carolyn Wonderland: A Cool Band & Woodstock's Latest Fan !

Posted by Dylan Taft on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 1:27pm.

Carolyn WonderlandThis morning I happened to be flicking through the channels, hoping to catch a little news as I began my day. I paused on “Imus in the Morning”, drawn-in not by a headline, but by the powerfully strong female vocals of a band playing live on the show. I listened on. The 3-person band was called Carolyn Wonderland, and they’re soulful performance this morning came as a pleasant surprise, as I’m always grateful to catch good music that’s new to my ears. I bopped off of my living room couch with a tune in my head and a fresh new blog topic in mind, because what really caught my attention was where they will be playing this weekend...

An Unmatched Stage Presence, Live in Woodstock, NY!

Singer/songwriter & guitar player Carolyn Wonderland leads this Texas trio of southern-blues rockers. Blessed with a booming voice full of emotion (which is what initially caught my attention) and guitar skills likened to that of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carolyn Wonderland is known for her unmatched stage presence. To truly experience Carolyn Wonderland is to see them live, and this week New Yorkers will be able to do just that! For all of my NYC readers, you can catch them Tuesday, October 18 (TONIGHT) at Joe’s Pub on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. For those of you in the Hudson Valley Region, Carolyn Wonderland will be at the Midnight Ramble in Woodstock, this Saturday, October 22nd.

The Appeal of the Hudson Valley to Artists and Musicians 

Overlook Mountain - Woodstock, NYThe Midnight Ramble Sessions are the creation of Levon Helm, whose band the Levon Helm Band will be headlining Saturday, with Carolyn Wonderland opening as the featured guest. Levon Helm owns an amazing home studio in Woodstock (known as “The Barn”), where he has hosted legendary musicians for over 40 years. With The Sessions, Levon invites the public to enjoy live music in an intimate and beautiful setting. The Midnight Ramble has become a fixture in the Woodstock, NY area, which attracts talented and unique artists from all over the world. The fact that Carolyn Wonderland would include a journey to Woodstock on the New York leg of their tour is a testament to the appeal of our area among musicians and creative types who love great music to go along with their gorgeous natural surroundings. It’s yet another great example of a common bond, the love of music, which the Woodstock, NY area shares with its New York City-dwelling neighbors to the south. (The Midnight Ramble is held at the Levon Helm Studio on Plochmann Lane in Woodstock, NY. Seats to this Saturday’s are sold out but standing room is still available, so come check it out!) Check back on our #1 Hudson Valley real estate blog to stay updated on all of the fun events happening around Hudson Valley Region. 


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