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There are few greater endorsements for a community than to be featured in the New York Times. A new article published this past weekend once again shined the spotlight on Hudson Valley real estate. Repeating a theme from a 2010 article, the piece highlights the Hudson Valley’s (in particular Rosendale) appeal to Brooklyn residents, which in turn instantly bolsters our area’s street cred (i.e. “cool factor”). 


Brooklyn Stand Up


As usual Taft Street Realty has its finger on the pulse of current social trends. Citing the 2010  article, we mused in a blog if Rosendale was the “New Brooklyn”. This time around, we published our "Big Ups To Brooklyn" blog literally the day before the most recent NYTimes article.  We strive to produce high…
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"Is Brooklyn in the House?" 

"...without a doubt" or so the song goes. Arguably New York City's coolest borough, (giving the overpriced Manhattan a run for its money) Brooklyn is the real melting pot that most people think of when they imagine New York City. With regards to art, culture, & ethnic cuisine, Brooklyn offers its residents endless possibilities. Lately, however, the place many Brooklynites want to be, is here. As a Realtor I have a unique perspective in that I'm constantly meeting people from other areas that want live in Ulster County, NY. Many of these folks, it turns out, come from Brooklyn! 

Like Brooklyn, a Haven for Artists

What is it about the Hudson Valley area that draws these B.K. transplants? The reasons are as diverse as the

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"Terror Stricken" - The town of Rosendale NY has been capturing the attention of the New York Times for over 100 years. A quick search on the newspaper’s website turned up this harrowing headline from December 28th 1899(!)

        “The mountain near the Railroad Bridge at Rosendale last night caved in, causing a terrific noise and arousing the entire village from slumber. Some of the inhabitants were terror stricken…”

In recent years, the Times has focused on Rosendale’s appeal to New York City residents. 2010 produced some very positive articles that have highlighted Rosendale’s sense of community and appreciation for local history and the arts. In particular, the growing number of Brooklyn NY transplants (undoubtedly given a boost by an article last…
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