WarningWarm weather and sunshine signals that spring has sprung in Ulster County, NY! The local housing market kicks into high gear this time of year, as buyers leave their computers and start viewing homes for sale in Ulster County in person. If you plan on walking along property lines or strolling land parcels with your Realtor, Taft Street Realty reminds you to be alert for ticks! This time of year (spring and early summer) is prime tick season in the Hudson Valley, but that doesn't mean you have to stay indoors! Here's the Taft Street Tick Guide to help you stay tick-free as you look at real estate in Ulster County NY.

Tick 101 - Get to Know This Ulster County Resident

tick1Ticks come with the territory here in the Hudson Valley region, a fact that some buyers from New York City and other out-of-town areas aren't aware of. This is no cause for alarm however, and certainly shouldn't discourage anyone from looking at Hudson Valley homes for sale. True, some ticks carry harmful bacteria including Lyme disease, but with a little know-how you can greatly reduce your chances of being bitten. First is to identify the enemy, and second is to know where and when you are most at risk. The most common ticks found in New York State are the Wood Tick and the Deer Tick. The Wood tick is the larger of the two, with legs and appendages that are visible to the naked eye. Wood ticks do NOT carry Lyme disease, though they can potentially carry other bacteria. Deer Ticks are much smaller than Wood Ticks; so tiny that they can resemble a freckle or a speck of dirt on the skin and can easily go unnoticed. Deer Ticks do carry Lyme disease, though not all do. Tick season is spring, through the summer and the fall, so be extra aware during these times of year. Ticks prefer shady, moist areas at ground level; making tall grass, brush, and shrubs common places for ticks to be found. Not just limited to wild areas, ticks also live in gardens, on lawns, and they love stone walls. Knowing when and where you are most vulnerable to ticks and preparing accordingly is half the battle in tick prevention.

Easy Tick Prevention Tips

FieldThere are steps you can take to prevent from getting a tick; both for yourself and for your property to discourage ticks from moving in. Buyers who are outside trekking across land parcels and property lines should wear light clothing (preferably with a tight weave) to make ticks easy to spot. They'll linger on clothing before travelling upward. Wear high socks, boots, and long sleeves; and tuck your pants into your shoes. If you have long hair tie it back when outside, and avoid heavy brush and wooded areas, sticking to paths if you can. Try not to sit directly on the ground or on stone walls. Most of all, check yourself frequently particularly in the shower for any ticks that may have gotten onto your skin. Parents of children should get into the habit of checking their kids once a day during tick season, as children are less likely to notice when they've been bitten. Deny ticks a home by keeping your property in order. Keep your lawns short and your hedges trimmed. Clear dead leaves and brush away, and trim any high grass around gardens and stone walls. Stack wood piles neatly and away from your home. Don't forget the fall! Ticks can live in dead leaves and garden litter over the winter, so clear all of that stuff away during the fall.

Don't Worry! Enjoy the Warm Weather BUT Be Aware!

taft_logo_1Most importantly though, don't worry too much about the ticks!  If you're looking at a home for sale, walk every inch of that property! Like anything, ticks may carry some risk, but with a little common sense and some general know-how, you and your family will be perfectly safe and ready for some spring & summer fun in Ulster County! For other helpful tips and guides, check out the best real estate blog in Ulster County, brought to you, as always, by Taft Street Realty.


Deer Tick Photo Copywright NYS Dept. of Health


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